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Physical Therapy for PERFORMANCE

So you can #playeveryday

What We Do

At Evolve Movement Specialists, we provide quality physical therapy care, wellness services and movement instruction to athletes and active adults in Evansville and surrounding areas. 


Our clients are motivated to move better.  Whether they're dealing with pain, weakness, stiffness, recovering post surgery, or just gaining and crushing a personal best - we can help.


We exist to deliver a unique level of service you will not find elsewhere in the TriState region!

Practice Areas

How It Works

Assess Movement &
Decrease Pain or Irritation 

Beginning with a detailed initial evaluation, we determine the factors contributing to your primary complaint.  With a mixed bag of tools including manual therapy, dry needling, and corrective exercise, we come up with a solution that fits your specific needs.

Prioritize Movement Plan &
Determine the Root Cause of Injury

Through testing and retesting, thorough movement analysis, and LISTENING intently we determine the root cause of your complaints.   We get down to the root of why you move the way you do - to build self-awareness and prevent issues in the future.

Give You Tools for Long Term Success

If you "fixed" a problem but it keeps coming back, you didn't really "fix" it!  Our focus is on education and giving you the tools to better understand your body for the long term.   A major part of the process is learning tips and skills for independence and longevity in your performance.

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