Improving your MOVEMENT

So you can #playeveryday

Meet Dr Sarah Ruthenburg, PT, DPT

Sarah Ruthenburg, PT, DPT is the founder and provider behind Evolve.  Having worked in busy, traditional orthopedic therapy practices for most of her career, it was time for a change.


If you have spent any time in a traditional setting you may be familiar - overlapped treatment times, waiting on your therapist during a session, left to do exercises independently, repeatedly doing the same exercises, rushed in and out. As therapists, that type of practice is challenging  - it is impossible to provide you with the care you deserve and need for optimum outcomes. 

What makes Evolve different?

 - One-on-one care

 - Adequate session length

 - Easy communication and mentorship so that you can gain independence with your health

We want your experience to be personal!  We all move a little differently, have different goals, and are at different stages in our lives.   It is our hope that this offers you a space to improve your movement and gain more independence and understanding of your needs as an individual. 

Here's to getting yourself moving and finding new ways to #playeveryday !



Not sure if we can help?   Just ask!

Physical Therapy

General Orthopedics

Low back pain

Neck strains

Shoulder and elbow pain

Rotator cuff injuries

Hip or pelvic pain

Knee pain

Meniscus tears

Ankle and foot pain

Plantar fascitis

Muscle strains



 + many more... just ask!

We're experienced in helping you after an orthopedic surgery.   We know protocols, what's safe and what's not, and how to get you functioning and in control of your injury. 

Quality, experienced post-operative care will help you get the most out of your procedure.


Running Analysis

RUNNERS!  No more running with pain and stiffness.  We can help you get past those barriers that are limiting your distance, speed, and performance.

We utilize treadmill video analysis, along with a general and running specific movement screen to pinpoint weaknesses in your movement patterns.

From there we establish and progress an exercise routine, including manual therapy when needed, to address deficits and help you meet your goals.

Golf Fitness Screening / TPI

We are TPI certified!  

What does that mean?  We are trained through the Titleist Performance Institute.  We utilize the same screen that is used by golf professionals around the world with players on the PGA tour.

Combined with our background in movement assessment and training - we can assess and create a plan to help you improve your golf swing.

Movement Analysis

What's that catch or pinch you're feeling?  Have you been trying to reach a movement goal or PR - but can't get beyond a plateau?

Let us help!  

We'll test your coordination, symmetry, mobility, strength - sometimes making a subtle change can prep you for big leaps toward your goals.